2-way Pallets

Gifford’s Recycling 2-way Pallets

At Gifford’s Recycling, our Two-way Pallets are manufactured to the highest of standards and suitable for all your day to day business requirements.
Our reconditioned, used wooden 2-way pallets are all manufactured in our state-of-the-art wood recycling facility.
Two-way pallets can be entered by a forklift truck either from their front or back. They comprise three basic features: top deck boards, the bearers at the sides and the bottom deck boards or baseboards

Choosing between 2-way and 4-way Pallets

Two-way pallets provide better durability and strength than traditional 4-way pallets and are much more economical to manufacture.
This is because less wood is used, therefore, bringing the cost down through time spent on constructing the pallets.

Their main limitations are related to the lack of maneuverability with regards to pallet entry. This can make loading freight more challenging, whilst trying to achieve full space utilization.
The reason why space utilization may be challenged is that two-way pallets must be oriented in a particular way in order to be entered by a forklift than standardized pallet sizes.

Product Details

400 X 400mm
2 Way Pallet

Square 2 Way Pallet

1200 X 1000
Americano (Yankee Pallet)

Why choose Gifford’s Recycling?

Whether you’re disposing of old pallets or buying recycled ones, you’ll find the same unsurpassed level of expertise and understanding of your needs.
Where every month more than 100,000 wooden pallets leave to start a new life. With savings of 30 to 60% on pallets, plus the great environmental benefits, we can’t understand why anyone would buy new.