Chemical Pallet or CP Pallets

Chemical Pallet Product Description

A Chemical pallet or CP pallets are used widely across many industries. Originally, they were manufactured by chemical and plastic industries to set an industry standard across Europe. Often abbreviated to ‘CP’ they range from CP-1 through to CP-9. The more popular versions used today, are the CP-1, CP-3, CP-6 and CP-9.

The CP-3 is a lighter-duty version of the pallet and is often used for non-perimeter floor stacking, one or two units high.

The CP-9 is the heavier-duty loads. The perimeter base is ideal for floor stacking multiple loaded units high and for racking. The perimeter bottom prevents damage to the lower units by more evenly distributing the load

The CP1 & CP-6 the main difference is the perimeter bottom. The CP-6 is suitable for floor stacking multiple loaded units and for racking and CP-1 is used with lighter loads.

cp pallet size 1200x1000mm

CP1 Pallet
1200 x 1000mm

cp3 pallet size 11400 x 1140mm

CP3 Pallet
11400 x 1140mm

CP7 Pallet
1100 x 1300mm