Sell your Used Pallets in the UK at Competitive Prices

Giffords Recycling purchase your surplus redundant and non-returnable pallets. Selling your used pallets at competitive prices in the uk has never been so easy. Each load of surplus pallets that are brought into our state of the art site are hand sorted with a full breakdown being logged. Pallets are purchased dependent on quantity and quality. Customer accounts are then set up for payments of pallets to avoid cash transactions.
All payments are made on a monthly basis.

Selling your used Pallets Prices UK: How we define our Prices

Giffords purchase pallets using our unique triple copy prn system. This allows the customer documented evidence before our collection driver leaves your site as to how many pallets have been collected from you.


We can supply prices that we pay for each pallet size collected and give a detailed break down of amounts received in the form on a spreadsheet. For larger contracts 45ft stand trailers can be provided for a trailer exchange service.

All pallets on return to Giffords premises are put through our semi-automated sortation system. Which stacks pallets to a pre-determined height in their respective grades.

This information is then logged on our internal paperwork system.

Payment for pallets collected will be made within the first week of the following month. In the form of a bacs (or) cheque payment depending on your preference