Euro Pallets 1200mm X 800mm

Our Euro pallets at Giffords Recycling measure at 1200mm X 800mm and conform to full European regulations. These pallets were introduced to reduce the number of designs currently available across Europe in an attempt to standardise the industry. The strict regulations even have guidelines on which timber and nails should be used in the manufacturing process. Each pallet must use at least 78 nails of a certain type which should follow a specific nailing pattern. The final weight of the pallet should be between 20 and 25kg. To prevent mold dry wood is used.

stamped euro pallet

Grade 1 Stamped Pallet
1200 x 800mm

grade 2 stamped euro pallet

Grade 2 Stamped Pallet
1200 x 800mm

grade 3 heavy duty euro pallet

Grade 3 Heavy Duty Unstamped Pallet
1200 x 800mm

grade 4 heavy duty euro pallet

Grade 4 Unstamped Heavy Duty Pallet
1200 x 760mm

Lightweight Pallets
1200 x 800mm

roundpeg euro pallet

Round Peg Pallets

grade b euro pallet

Grade B Pallets
Size Required

CSE Pallet

CSE Pallets
Size Required

winged pallet

Winged Pallets
1200 x 800mm

Euro Pallet Types Available –

1200 X 800mm Four Way Entry
1. Stamped Food Grade Quality Euro
2. Stamped B Grade Euro (slightly dirty)

Made to the top quality european specification these pallets are marked with the official european stamps.

Heavy Duty Purpose – 1 tonne lift (Accepted Worldwide)
3. Heavy Duty Non Stamped Euro – Holds up to 1 tonne in weight.
4. Med Weight Non Stamped Euro – Holds up to 750 kilos in weight.
5. Light Weight Non Stamped Euro – Holds up to 500 kilos in weight.

We also stock Chemical Pallets, 4-Way Pallets, 2 Way Pallets & other pallet types. Contact us on 0121 553 1910 with any pallet requirements you may have or order online here.