ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

Giffords Recycling Ltd is fully accredited to supply ISPM-15 Heat Treated Pallets world-wide. Specially licensed by the forestry commission. This heat treatment process can be used for all standard and bespoke wooden products. All Giffords wooden pallets carry the stamp of approval from the Forestry Commission and Giffords are one of the first recycling companies to operate this system. Giffords heat treatment kills all wood pests and eliminates the export of these pests to other countries. Therefore, protecting the environment and the world’s valuable forestry resources

IPPC stamp meaning

Timber pallets & packaging are subject to plant health controls when crossing international borders. Often resulting in costly and frustrating delays whilst checks are carried out. This is where ISPM15 comes in. It is now the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all forms of packaging made from solid wood. It helps protect the world’s forests from disease and trade from costly delays.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment Certification for Heat Treated Pallets

ISPM15 and the associated heat treatment certification is a world-wide passport for all wooden packaging. ISPM meaning – International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures.

All types of wooden packaging for export must be heat treated. On completion of the heat treatment process, the wooden packaging is marked to show that the necessary treatment has taken place. This mark shows the Country of origin code – GB, Giffords Unique Registration Number  FC0370. The Heat Treatment Approved Measure Code – HT and finally the IPPC Logo. The heat treatment certification gives total traceability back to the heat treatment source.


Giffords Recycling Limited is fully accredited and audited by the Forestry Commission to supply ISPM-15 Heat Treated Pallets.